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Founded in 1988 as an independent software manufacturing and services company, Case Consult provides its customers strategic planning for large projects and individual solutions in the area of information technology. The company supports customers in planning and realizing large strategic projects in information technology and offers software systems to support and improve the software development and maintenance process.

Case Consult specializes in protecting long-term investments in information technology infrastructure, specifically in large, individually developed software systems. The company offers turnkey reengineering solutions and the development and enhancement of individual systems on a fixed price basis.

Case Consult’s success is based on a broad and highly qualitative know-how in strategic consulting services, a variety of integrated software systems to increase productivity within the software development and maintenance process as well as a customized training program.

In 1996 Case Consult employed worldwide more than 100 people.

Case Consult’s Key Strengths and opportunities

Strong Base of Satisfied Customers

Case Consult has a strong base of satisfied customers. Case Consult has developed excellent relationships with its base of customers. Case Consult has served several of its clients for many years and has gained significant project experience in manufacturing, retail, services, banking and insurance as well as in the public sector.

Exceptional Technology Strengths

Case Consult has a solid technology base that has been proven over the last eight years. This base provides excellent growth potential for new or enhanced products as well as for services. Many of the products are outgrowths of Case Consult’s experiences in large projects and based on the highly sophisticated technology base.

Highly Motivated and Experienced Staff

Case Consult attaches great importance to its team’s credentials, qualifications and methods. The company’s ability to accomplish large projects is based on its solution-centric procedures and methodology-driven approach according to modern engineering standards, innovation, and experience, combined with motivation and dedication to the success of projects and overall success of its customers. A tight partnership with our customer’s team fosters a thorough understanding of the requirements of each project, and explains our history of on-schedule project completion. Case Consult places great importance on overall practical experience and a high motivation of its staff members. Case Consult’s staff members have an average practical experience in data processing of approximately ten years.

International Network

Case Consult is an internationally oriented company. Through its competent services and outstanding quality it has flexibly responded to the challenges and opportunities of a steadily changing market. This flexibility results in a highly sophisticated international network with offices in Wiesbaden and Hamburg, , Framingham, Massachusetts, and a software factory in Thiruvananthapuram, . All locations are tied into a telecommunication network which allows direct access to all locations and to all major clients to whom Case Consult delivers services.

ISO 9000

Our ISO 9001 certification is much more that a label on a brochure, it lays out the guiding principles upon which our consistent, disciplined, solutions-based style is founded.

Our Clients

Case Consult’s reengineering for maintenance and quality assurance support face today an ideal market which is driven by major adaptations needed in the IT industry like "Year 2000" and "EURO". The company has flexibly adapted to the challenges and opportunities of a fast-moving market by means of competent performance, high quality deliverables, and predictable scheduling. Case Consult mainly addresses the mainframe computer market and its clients mostly belong to the Fortune 500 companies with customers in various areas, such as industry, retail, service, banking and insurance as well as public administration.


Case Consult - Our Mission

The Biggest Challenge of the Future is to Master the Past

Case Consult's RE/Cycle

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